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Alliance Française de Manille and DF Art Agency is delighted to present Un monde éthéré vu par les femmes (An Ethereal World From Women's Eyes). Join us as we unveil the incredible talent of rising contemporary Filipina artists gaining recognition in local and international circles—Jill Arteche, Anna Bautista, Kim Escalona, Tita Halaman, and Kara Pangilinan.

Show runs until October 7

Women are strange creatures. Everything women create leaves an ethereal permanence in how we work, think, and live. Think of the rising women in our history and in this generation that left a mark in the world of arts, sciences, and technology. Name one woman, and we see them clothed in creativity, boldness, logic, innovative spirit, and many attributes beyond letters and words can language. Art made by women for women is the core value of this exhibit —in honor of the many great women that lead and pioneered many works of art and the rising women artists who are now gaining recognition everywhere.

In this exhibit, you can expect to be a participant in an alluring experience where you get to have a visual immersion of the narratives and stories through women’s eyes. These women artists give us intimate perspectives of what it is to live in a world with women. Each artwork represents an individual and societal experience that when linked together with other art pieces— creates a tapestry of women's stories in an interesting amalgamation of powerful hues and strokes.

This artist roster gives us a diverse yet unifying blend of art styles, and narratives from different women's perspectives that speaks for the many unheard voices all over the world.

Words by Kim Escalona