Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère

This is a professional course that culminates in the granting of a university-equivalent diploma. It was created in partnership between the Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France and the CNED (National Center for Distance Learning). It can be done from anywhere in the world through different accredited partner centers, one of which is the Alliance Française de Manille. This course is addressed to anyone preparing to teach or already teaching French to a non-francophone learning public either in France or abroad. The content of the course is oriented towards class practical knowledge: modules alternate between theoretic lectures and activities derived from authentic original documents and exercises of application. They are accessible online through an educational platform created specifically for the DAEFLE, including a forum to encourage online exchange and collaboration with other participants. On online tutoring service composed of qualified instructors efficiently complete the resources at the student’s disposal all throughout the course, guiding him to completely acquire all the knowledge and skills required of the profession of French as a Foreign Language instructor.

A high school diploma is sufficient to apply for the course. If the student’s secondary education was not done in France, then a certificate (DELF, TCF, etc) justifying the foreign students minimum of a B2 level in French should also be attached to the application form

Test :

  • APRIL 16-28 (Deadline of registration February 21)
  • MAY 19-29 (Deadline of registration April 3)
  • OCTOBER 13-21 (Deadline of registration August 28)
  • NOVEMBER 26 - DECEMBER 4 (Deadline of registration October 9)

Final Exam :

  • JUNE 10 (Deadline of registration April 30)
  • DECEMBER 9 (Deadline of registration November 4)
Type of evaluationFees
Entrance testPHP 5000
Final ExamsPHP 21000