French coachings and tutorials are the most convenient way to learn French! Tuitions will be arranged according to your availability and tailor-made for your personal or professional goals. They can be held face to face or online!

This is a brand new offer:
A blend between personalized coaching and digital self-training! Students get unlimited access to our online learning platform, with a wide range of self-assessed exercises on a variety of topics, coupled with a personalized coaching with a French teacher.

The coach will have access to your performance stats, and will be here to guide your progress and help you reach your objectives. You will be able to schedule an online appointment with your coach at any point in your training. It is great for people who would like to learn with an innovative coaching method!

Students purchase a package with a certain number of tutorial hours to be scheduled with their assigned teacher. The content of classes will be determined according to the specific needs and goals of the student.

It is great for people who would like to learn at their own pace, and benefit from regular appointments with their teacher.