Celebrate Valentines' with the AFM Library's "Blind Date with a Book"! ✨

From February 3 to 17, discover new books through the specific themes and keywords indicated on each book and find out whether books should be judged by their covers! 😉

Don't worry! We chose books from different genres for a wide variety of language levels and age levels so you and your loved ones can take part 💌✨

Come drop by and grab a date of your own! 💘


Numerous award-winning French books from 2022 and 2023 have arrived at our library! 📖

From 2023, you can find the following titles:

  • "Veiller sur elle" by Jean-Baptiste Andrea
  • "Les Insolents" by Ann Scott
  • "Triste Tigre" by Neige Sinno
  • "Que notre joie demeure" by Kevin Lambert
  • "Une façon d’aimer" by Dominique Barberis
  • "Humus" by Gaspard Koenig
  • "Le Soldat désaccordé" by Gilles Marchand

Comic books:

💥 We now have more comic books to choose from! 💥

At the AFM Library, you can now read the following:

  • Tome 6 of "Il était une fois en France" by Fabien Nury
  • "Magasin général" by Régis Loisel and Jean-Louis Tripp
    • Tome 7 Charleston
    • Tome 8 Les femmes
    • Tome 9 Notre-Dame-des-lacs
  • Tome 01 Alix l'intrépide of "Alix" by Jacques Martin
  • "Les Voyages d'Alix" by Jacques Martin
    • Tome 20 Les jeux Olympiques
    • Tome 38 Les Gladiateurs
  • "Le Combat ordinaire" by Manu Larcenet
    • Tome 1 - Le Combat ordinaire
    • Tome 2 - Les Quantités négligeables
    • Tome 3 - Ce qui est précieux
    • Tome 4 - Planter des clous
  • "Le Rapport de Brodeck" by Manu Larcenet
    • Tome 1 L'autre
    • Tome 2 L'indicible

🔊 Serenade your loved ones with the songs of the 22nd edition of La Francophonie! 🎙️🎶

This February, our playlist offers a collection of romantic French tracks selected by the AFM team to help spread love around you this month! 💘

Come celebrate with our #AFMPlaylist: February Edition! ✨