Regular Activities

Feed your imagination with humor, mystery, and magic by joining our library activities!

Heure du conte (Storytelling in French and English)

When? Once a month (Saturday)

How Much? Free entrance!

Our most popular monthly activity is the storytelling hour for children ages 3 and up, where we present a short story in French and in English, followed by games, music, or craft activities to be enjoyed by kids and parents alike.


When? Once a month (Saturday)

How Much? 250 for members / 350 for non-members (inclusive of snacks)

Derived from the French words for movies (ciné) and snacktime (goûter), ciné-goûter has become a staple activity for everyone to bond over our classic French snacks at Bistro Le Coude Rouge, after which you can sit back and watch a French film in our cinema.

Board Game Afternoon

When? Once every session (Saturday)

How Much? Free entrance!

Put your skills to the test – spend an afternoon playing all sorts of board games in varying complexities! You can choose to play them in French or in English and whether you’re a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome to join!

Book Sale

The book sale, where you can get your hands on some awesome French reads at very low prices, is held twice a year.

Also called “Bibliothèque de l’apprenant”, our Learner’s Corner houses over 1000 learning materials and is specifically organized to help out our students over the course of their French language learning journey.

Materials in this section are also organized according to the language level (A1-B2). It includes storybooks, dictionaries, CDs, various supplementary references for grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and other specialized books.

Looking for something to entertain, cultivate, or open your mind? You can certainly find it in one of the corners of the library:

Around 7,000 books covering all aspects of French culture and civilization: classic and contemporary literatures, thrillers, comics, travel books, French culture (arts, history, geography, society, philosophy, food & wine, and fashion), children’s books, and French learning books.

A growing selection of DVDs from comedies to dramas, from documentaries to animated films.

Regular issues of periodicals Elle, J’aime lire, J’apprends à lire, Diplomatie, Bien dire, Bien dire initial, and Français dans le monde are also available to borrow.

Around 200 documents including novels, comics, CDs and DVDs are here to make you discover another French-speaking culture. Thinking of migrating to Quebec or simply interested to travel? We have documentaries to help you prepare your future trip!

Calling all gamers! The AFM Library is home to a new gaming hub with over 40 video games where you can practice your language skills by playing them on our PC or Nintendo Switch. Join us for our upcoming video game tournaments, discovery sessions, or simply drop by the library to play your favorite games!