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Professeur de français

  • Si vous enseignez le français, cette adhésion est faite pour vous.
  • Vous êtes l'un des nôtres et vous partagez notre mission, c'est pourquoi nous vous offrons GRATUITEMENT l'accès à notre bibliothèque et à la Culturethèque.

Library & Le Coude Rouge

  • For Francophones and Francophiles who would like to enjoy French media and French gastronomy

AFM Student

  • Would you like to register to our classes and get them at a reduced rate, as well as enjoy our facilities? Sign up for this membership.
  • Registering for 2 classes already pays off the membership fee!


  • The basic membership type that allows access to AFM facilities with discounts at Bistro LCR, and other partner benefits.


  • Your support is valuable to AFM being a non-profit allows us to continue with our mission to cultivate French language and culture

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